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multimixer | work | Saturday October 18 2014

We all know that customers can create additional addresses on a osCommerce store, either by adding a new shipping address during checkout or over their account settings.

This is nice and fine

The point is, that there is no way for the store owner to edit any of that additional addresses in the administration panel. The store administrator can only edit the primary customers address by editing a customer. All additional addresses remain hidden for the store administrator, who is not even aware of any additional addresses

This doesn’t sound right for me, so, I created a modification that will let you see and edit all of your customers additional addresses

The modification add one more button to the right hand area when a customer is selected

Clicking the button you get a list of all the addresses that this customer has added, the primary address and all other additional addresses

You can see that he primary address is marked as primary, you can now click on edit to edit any address you want, or you can delete it. The primary address this is the only one that you can’t delete – you need to delete the customer in this case.

Clicking on “edit” you get all address details that you can edit as you like

The basic customer details, such as email etc, are not part of the “address book”, so they are not editable via the address manager, you can fit them as usual over the customers details page

What do you think of this modification? If you want to have it in your store, feel free to get in touch. Installation is easy and won’t affect your core code, there is only a single core file to edit.

The nice address book image used on the frontage was found here

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  • Florin 07/01/2017 at 23:20

    Hi, this would be interesting for my website. How can I get the module?