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multimixer | work | Saturday September 12 2015

I know that there are a couple of “purchase without account” (PWA) add ons available for osCommerce. Unfortunately they all modify a lot of core code, without any reason in my opinion.

Things are simple: You want people to be able to checkout on your store without having to create an account. You want to store the order but you don’t want to store the customer data. All you want to know about the customer is the name and address so you know where to ship to. You don’t want your customers to be forced to create an account.

What I did is, to create a system that present an alternative checkout option to the store customers, parallel to the existing login and create account options that exist by default. Your customers can use that option and checkout without creating an account.

Best of all: no core file modifications at all. You don’t have to modify any file.

On the login page, there is one more checkout option:

If you want, you can disable all other options in admin, that way you’ll have only a checkout without account. You can also leave the login/create account as an option, this is up to you. You can name the PWA checkout option as you like, in this example it is named “simple checkout”

Using the PWA option, people arrive to a special page, where they have to enter their name, address and email. That is necessary, otherwise you wouldn’t know where to ship to

The rest of the checkout process is same as per default: People select shipping, then payment and finally conform the order.

In your admin, you can see the order with all products and the shipping address. No customer is registered

How to install: Since there are no files modified, installation is extremely simple, only requirement is, to use the latest osCommerce version, 2.3.4

1) Upload the files to your server

2) install 2 modules via admin

Thats all, the system already work perfectly on a number of websites

If you like this modification and want to use it on your website, please feel free to get in touch

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